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  • Why Human Support Won’t Go Away

    Why Human Support Won’t Go Away

    Oh man. I don’t know how much I think of this. I wish my tech/customer support job is completely replaceable by AI. Let’s be honest here. How many times did you have to reach out to any sort of customer support, and you go ‘F*ck’ just thinking about reaching out. For most people, you want…

  • Love’em the Stripe

    Love’em the Stripe

    That sweet mother of online payment god, Stripe. My admiration for Stripe is real. It’s kind of similar to that of romanticized first love; you love’em because you only know’em. — I wouldn’t say I only know them, but Stripe was definitely my first choice when I started my online business. Stripe made online payment…

  • Cheating Product Knowledge

    Cheating Product Knowledge

    In the expansive world of Woo (and WordPress!), where I support around 70+ plugins and products, mastering each one of them can feel a daunting task. (You think I’m lying? Check out “Developed by Woo” section on this page.) I will give you the spoilers now. — It’s not about actually knowing everything about the…