Love’em the Stripe

That sweet mother of online payment god, Stripe.

My admiration for Stripe is real. It’s kind of similar to that of romanticized first love; you love’em because you only know’em. — I wouldn’t say I only know them, but Stripe was definitely my first choice when I started my online business.

Stripe made online payment accessible and easy to use for anyone.

Woo also offers in-house payment gateway solution called WooPayments. WooPayments is built in partnership with Stripe, so it is essentially an app built on top of Stripe platform. (But optimized for WooCommerce and WordPress!)

No, this isn’t a secret love letter, but hey… It doesn’t hurt to share, right?

Read Stripe’s Documentation For Fun

I’ve reviewed so many tech solutions, and the most important thing in deciding the products to use comes down to documentation.

If the products’ documentation isn’t well-developed, I will need really good reason to justify using such products.

Stripe’s documentation, on the other hand… They are just beautiful and so easy to navigate.

Their blog articles are also full of resources and knowledge that are organized and curated in a way that’s easy to follow. Like this “Chargeback fraud 101: What businesses need to know” article. — See in comparison to this PayPal article: Understanding disputes, claims, chargebacks, and bank reversals: A guide for SMBs. Or this GoCardless Article: Chargeback fraud prevention and your business.

Stripe Logs Are Actually Human Friendly

Stripe doesn’t just keep logs; they make logs that you can actually read without needing a PhD in cryptic code deciphering.

It’s like they know we’re not all tech wizards, and they’re here to save the day, one log at a time.

Stripe Doesn’t Overkill

Overkill? Who’s that? — Stripe offers many tools and products, yet it doesn’t feel like they are overkill or unnecessary. This feel carries throughout the Stripe’s UI as well. Anywhere you go, it’s not overwhelming.

Stripe isn’t just a one-trick pony. It’s your financial Swiss Army knife.

From handling payments to managing subscriptions, it’s the multitasking superhero of the financial world.

Stripe’s Got You: Localization is the Key

You know you’re onto something good when everyone’s using it. Literally, EVERYONE. Merchants, devs, Saas products…

It has great documentation, localized support, localized payment methods, financial reporting and integrations. From A to Z, it’s there, making transactions smoother and businesses happier.

Wrap-up: Forever Thank Stripe

There is no such thing as a perfect system.

Stripe isn’t an exception. However, it is not an understatement that Stripe set a high standard for the rest of the payment providers in the industry.

If online payments were a blockbuster movie, Stripe would be the lead actor, stealing the show with its fantastic features, user-friendly interfaces, and a touch of charisma that makes other payment gateways work harder.

So here’s to you, Stripe – the unsung hero we all need and appreciate in the vast landscape of digital transactions.