Woo Nami

About Me

The Beginning

My very first “client” was my mother’s friend who just opened a nail salon business in the neighborhood. I was 13 years old. The friend bought me first-ever laptop and a printer. She wanted me to design some postcard for her nail salon and print them out for her marketing initiatives. (Let’s just say my parents wouldn’t have equipped me with laptop and a printer otherwise.) With new tools, I fell right into the world wide web.I built my own website when I was 14. I was proud I had 3 different on-going novel series. My friends and some strangers were my audience.I would then draw and make some graphics with a 15×10 cm drawing pad. I would spend hours and hours teaching myself how to create first GIFs or how to create HTML tables. Through all of this, I learned to be patient with technology. – Because you have to have the attitude to master it.

Journey to US

It was pure curiosity. I felt the urge to challenge myself to go beyond what I thought I could do. I left my hometown when I was 18 to come study in the U.S. I was naive but fearless. Ignorance can be double-edge sword.First, I went to Southern Baptist College located in Missouri by accident. I spent a year there. (Please ask me about my experience in person.) I then transferred to Institute of American Indian Arts located in Santa Fe, NM. By this time, I could speak maybe 7 English sentences at maximum.I studied in Silversmithing and Printmaking while I worked through Student Work Study program under Academic Technology department. I was equipped to learn technology while my mentor/supervisor guided me.

Recent Days

Now I specialize in work optimization, data management, and web design.  Through my journey, I encounter incredibly creative individuals that I learn so much from. I strive to learn to adopt to the ever changing world.