Woo Nami

How to 


Online business


If capitalism is a system for anyone to get rich, why is it so hard for anyone to start online business and become successful? 


Hi friends 

It is most unexpected of you to be here. 

What does it mean to own online business?

Oh hi, hello. It’s me Nami. Let’s set expectations for us now. No small chat. No BS between you and I, cool?

At the point you are here, I consider you as my friend. So I’ll be as honest and authentic as possible. 

We don’t have the kind of time to warm up to revealing each other’s life-long journey stories. Whoever you are, I know you are unique and special.

So here is my warning to you. This is not a place for such professional business talk. What I am sharing here is just scattered thoughts of mine. But they are curated in a way I want to collect. 

You see, thougts are collectable.